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Destination Weddings

Gold Key Travel has had experience with Destinations Weddings of all sizes- just the bride and groom to a large wedding with hundreds of invited guests!

Since Destination Weddings are such a unique experience, we recommend meeting to discuss your ideas of your dream wedding. There is no cost to you!

Below are a few notes to help you in your planning:

  1. Gold Key Travel is "one-stop shopping” for all of your destination wedding needs. We will act as your travel coordinator for you and your guests and we can be your on-site wedding coordinator if needed and requested.
  2. We do not charge any fees. Because of our commitment to making your dream Destination Wedding a reality, we simply ask you to commit to making your travel arrangements with us, and encourage your family and friends to do so as well.
  3. We can start helping you plan your dream wedding as far as 18 months in advance. We recommend sending information to your guests as far out as 1 year in advance, so that they can plan and pay for their trip over time!

Contact us and we can share our personal experience from the many clients we have worked with!

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